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The SWiM System

Introducing the new Single Wire Multiswitch system (also known as: SWiM or SWM)


Single Wire Multiswitch products are designed to provide programming from Ka and Ku satellites through a single RG-6 coaxial cable run to multiple receivers connected using one or more specialized splitters within a user’s home.

We've designed this section to explain how this new technology works and how to use our SWM optimized alignment kit.

Why is SWM better?

SWM simplifies your home installation acting like a traditional cable TV system using only a single coaxial RG-6 run and specialized splitters to provide programming for all of your home's DirecTV receivers.

Today's homes often have multiple TVs —and nobody likes a ratty looking install. The older LNBs would require a dedicated coaxial RG-6 run from the dish to each set-top box receiver. Having 2, 3, or even 4 coaxial wires stapled to the eve of your home can be unsightly and difficult to work with.


Fast forward to today's new SWM system. From a single cable from the dish into your home, you can feed signal to a maximum of eight receivers or four DVR's. You can mix and match DVRs and Receivers, but be aware that DVR's count as two receivers.

SWM System Diagram

How does SWM work?

Where as traditional systems receive a replicated single output from a LNB, SWM products differ by allocating "channels" using frequency blocks for viewer selected programming to the SWM compatible receivers.


These "channels" are really an assigned block of frequencies that contain the programming guide data and user selected programming channels to a unique receiver.


To further simplify, through a single coaxial cable — independent signal for up to eight receivers can travel. When the receiver powers on, it talks directly to the LNB at the outside dish and requests a special block of channels that it can send all of its programming through. After this handshake, you're then able to watch your selected programming without having to use other converters.


Because of the range of frequencies required, all RG-6 coaxial cable used must be DC (0 MHz) to 3 GHz capable. We strongly recommend using RG-6 Quad shielded cable with compression terminations.

SWM LNB Explained

Channels 1 - 8 are assigned by receiver-to-SWM LNB handshake.

C is the universal channel which facilitates the frequency handshakes.

SWM Rental Kits

10-day Rental





Rental Kit

What's included in the SWM-Ready rental kit?

AcuTrac III meter with integrated body case and installed receiver termination with:


(QTY 1) ASL1 Alignment Signal Locator for SWM ODU
(QTY 1) SIM01 SWM Installation Meter, System Tester


(QTY 2) 3-foot coaxial RG-6 lead with F-barrel adapter
(QTY 1) User quick guide w/ supplement instruction video on CD


(QTY 3) Consumable 75-ohm terminations


(QTY 1) Handheld compass
(QTY 1) Inclinometer with magnetic base



Also available for purchase:


PI-28 Required 29V LNB Power Inserter (Power Supply)
Approved compatible 75-ohm Terminations
Approved compatible SWM signal splitters

The SpectrumSpot SWM Rental Kit Includes:

Kit Accessories
SWM Terminations
*Available for purchase, not included with standard rental kits.

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