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AcuTrac III / AcuTrac III+

Ka/Ku Band Satellite Signal Meter optimized for DirecTV AU9-S / AT9 5 LNB Dish


10 day

rental kits

from $50

Accurate, yet easy to use!

The AcuTrac III+ is designed with the do-it-yourselfer or installer in mind and enables users to properly align the SlimLine AU9-S / AT9 5 LNB Ka/Ku DirecTV HDTV satellite dishes.

Additionally users can also quickly align 1 / 3 / 5 LNB satellite ODUs from either major DSS network utilizing either the new multimode feature or standard DTV Ku/Ka presets.



AcuTrac III Advantages

View Ka Signal Level

Not only can you see the required 101° West and 119° Ku band satellite signals required for alignment, but you can also view the actual Ka 99° and 103° signals as well. Very helpful in checking your work and dish peaking.


DIY Friendly Preset Satellite Combinations

Quickly select from several pre-configured modes; 101° RHCP (Right Hand Circular Polarity) for a course alignment, following 119° with 22 kHz tone RHCP for further fine tuning as described in your dish alignment manual.


Users can further check signal level reception from the 110°, 99°, and 103° satellites with other included pre-configured modes. New to the AcuTrac III+ models is a switchable multimode feature which enables users to view signals on a single LNB or up-to 4 at the same time.


Handheld Battery Operated Design

Operating on just eight standard AA alkaline batteries, the AcuTrac III is able to power the DirecTV LNB alone without the aid of a receiver unit. With an expected battery life of hours, enables users to complete their alignment without having to change batteries.


Included 75 Ohm Terminator

The included terminator properly isolates the meter from outside interference, giving the user the most accurate signal level reading possible.

AcuTrac III Display
Ac3 Ports

A new installation requirement...

DirecTV now features over 150 national and most local networks broadcasts in high definition. Those new HD channels are transmitted to your receiver via the newly used Ka frequency standard. To view this new programing, DirecTV requires a 5 LNB multi-satellite dish and MPEG-4 capable receiver(s).


Why dish peaking is important...

Unlike Ku only dishes of the past which could be dish peaked using the set-top receiver, the new 5 LNB DirecTV AU9-S / AT-9 dish requires precision alignment due to the narrow peak of the new Ka band satellite signal. To prevent rain-fade or other distortions Ka Band precision alignment is essential, as the signal peak drops off much faster than traditional Ku band satellite signal.

SWiM compatible kits

available now!

The proprietary DirecTV LNB assembly on both the AT-9 and AU9-S ODUs receive signal from five geosynchronous satellite positions; 99, 101, 103, 110, and 119 degrees west.

Importantly, satellites at both 99 and 103 degrees west broadcast Ka band satellite signal.


It is critical that you follow the alignment step-by-step instructions provided with your satellite dish. Teamed with the AcuTrac III, you'll be able to easily obtain and verify a signal peak on all five satellite locations.

AcuTrac III Rental Kits
starting at $50.00 for a 10-day rental.

Call us to setup your rental at
1-877-TYROSYS (877-897-6797).

Office Hours: 9am - 6pm CST Monday to Friday

Dish ODU Comparison

What's included in the rental kit?

AcuTrac III meter with integrated body case and installed receiver termination, 3-foot coaxial RG-6 lead with F-barrel adapter, user quick guide, and a supplement instruction video on CD. We make renting easy by offering round-trip UPS shipping so that the unit can be back to us by the tenth day.



AcuTrac III Common Questions


Are instructions included with your rental kit?

We include an AcuTrac III+ user guide along with a 30 minute DirecTV installation video in Windows Media Format on a CD. This video details the older AT-9 dish, but the theory is the same between both SlimLine AU9-S and AT-9 dishes. We strongly encourage you to watch this video in its entirety before installing and aligning your dish.


When does the rental period start and when should I have the meter returned by?

Your rental period will begin the day UPS delivers the AcuTrac III rental kit. You have 10 calendar days to use our equipment and then return it back to us no later than the 10th day.

For convienence, we offer round-trip UPS service so when you're complete with your alignment you can simply drop off our equipment at any UPS Store or call UPS for a scheduled pickup.


Important: Units not returned by the 10th day will be charged an additional billing period. We verify all billing and shipping information prior to releasing our equipment for rental.


Do you sell AcuTrac III Meters?

Yes we do sell the AcuTrac III, we have new and previously rented kits available. New units sell for $430.00 and previously rented units sell for $280.00. Apart from our rental kits, these include rechargeable AA batteries, AC power adapter. We also include a 3-foot RG-6 quad shielded coaxial extension cable, F-barrel adapter, inclinometer, and theory video on CD.


Do you have SWM compatible kits available?

Yes! We have a whole page dedicated to them. Click here.

The AcuTrac III is ideal for peaking both AT-9 and AU9-S Slimline DirecTV outdoor dish units. The AcuTrac III is SWM (Single Wire Multiswitch) compatible.

The AT-9 ODU was briefly deployed and is easily identifiable by its larger size and sidecar based 110/119 module.


The AU9-S Slimline ODU is still being actively deployed today and is adaptable with the both the legacy 4-port LNB and newest SWiM LNB.


Detailed Specifications

AcuTrac III / III+ Specifications
Satellite Input Frequencies
Ka Hi Band 1650 to 2150 MHz
Ku Band 950 to 1450 MHz
Ka Lo Band 250 to 750 MHz
Physical Inputs
To LNB Standard F-81 barrel connection
To Satellite Receiver Standard F-81 barrel connection, (opt. in-line/loop thru)
Also includes a 75 Ohm terminator
General Specifications
Power Source Eight (QTY 8) AA alkaline batteries
Charger Integrated NiMH battery charger, uses AC adapter
Display LCD, 3" diag. Monochrome
Physical Specifications
Dimensions 7 x 4 x 1.5 inches
Unit weight 1.3 lbs. (with batteries installed)

DO NOT REMOVE the 75-ohm receiver pass-through termination on our rental kits!

This prevents receiver current from damaging our AcuTrac III meter. Bypassing the termination which damages the meter will result in the customer paying the full replacement cost of our rental meter.


Satellite Select Options

Choose between 4 factory presets all included:


Ka-Hi 99° West / Ku 101° West (RHCP)
Ka-Hi 99° West / Ku 101° West (LHCP)
Ka-Hi 103° West / Ku 119° West (RHCP)
Ka-Hi 103° West / Ku 110 & 119° West (LHCP)

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